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Movie shoot in Amsterdam underway with some dismay from officials

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. – Shooting for a film is underway in Amsterdam, but to the dismay of some city officials, the main backdrop is the cities abandoned buildings.

The movie’s producer says it was Amsterdam’s beautiful abandoned buildings that brought production into town. While some would pay millions to create buildings in a California soundstage, the producer says they already exist.

The film, titled “Kill for Me,” features such stars as Bailey Chase, Dylan Baker and Amy Spanger, and on July 20, Amsterdam transformed into a post-apocalyptic movie set, despite initial hesitation from the mayor.

“That they’re coming and filming some of the more impoverished areas is a little disappointing, but what are you going to do,” asked Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane.

But according to the producer of the film, the term post-apocalyptic isn’t meant to be an insult.

“Horribly beautiful is how I like to describe it,” said producer Benjamin Bickham.

One abandoned textile factory will serve as the perfect backdrop to one of the scenes in the movie, but it was actually the tax incentive that brought them here in the first place. Bickham says they receive a 30-percent credit offered by New York State.

“Being in Montgomery county they give us an extra 10-percent and actually it was up in the area which location we were going to use, and that sort of sealed the deal for us,” said Bickham.

Now that crews are set up, Bickham says they are really trying to make the most to boost the local economy–something one of the film’s major stars, Bailey Chase, says he can attest to.

“We’re staying here, we’re eating here, we’re shopping here–so I think the tax credit does more than pay for itself,” said Chase.

With one week down and two more to go, Chase says it’s that interaction with the community that is really making this experience worth it.

“The really cool thing about Amsterdam is all of the people coming out,” said Chase.

Despite the post-apocalyptic depiction, even Thane says the feeling is definitely mutual.

“If Facebook is any indication, they are very excited, interested, and curious. It’s all good!” she said.

Filming for “Kill for Me” wraps up on August 10, but Bickham says it’ll most likely be almost another year before Amsterdam will be on the big screen.

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