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ONLINE WORK: Media Flair: ‘Pimp My Blog’

The following is a lecture series entitled ‘Pimp My Blog’ that I covered for my former website back in November 2010:

‘Pimp My Blog’ Lecture Series, City University London 2010

By now, journalists know the importance of a personal blog: it helps get a name out there, potentially lead to a job, or simply can act as a fulfilling pastime. However, how does one make the leap from personal blog to infamous blogger? A panel lecture, entitled “PimpMyBlog” at City University London, attempted to answer this question on Tuesday night.

The lecture series set out to teach journalism students at the University how to utilize soical media (apps, widgets, etc.) to get their blogs, and journalism noticed. The event included lectures by a who’s who of the social media field. MediaFlair attended the lecture and has summarized the highlights in these four posts:

Tim Glanfield: Link to get noticed

Karl Schneider: Blog with passion

Patrick Smith: “Just do it”

Martin Stabe: How to pimp your online footprint

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