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More Oklahomans Hold Gun Permit Than Ever Before

In 2013, 60,000 Oklahomans were licensed to carry a hand gun in the state.
That’s double what it was in the state just two years ago.
FOX 14’s Liz Holliday spoke with Oklahoma residents to find out why and how it’s helping gun related business.

Tribal Languages Could Soon Be Taught In Oklahoma Schools

Oklahoma students could soon get foreign language credits for taking American Indian Tribal languages.

The change is thanks to the State’s Department of Education.

We sent KOAM’s Liz Holliday to Oklahoma to find out more.

Religious Targets: Part One

Family members of the man accused of attempting to bomb 48 churches in Miami, Oklahoma last October say a religious cult is behind the plot.
We’ll break down the allegation and take a deeper look inside the case in this special report by KOAM Reporter Liz Holliday.

Joplin Mosque Arsonist Caught Over One Year Later

After over one year of uncertainty, members of Joplin’s Mosque learn who is responsible for burning down their place of worship.

KOAM’s Liz Holliday explains.

Miami, Oklahoma Prepares For The Wintery Mix Ahead

As snow heads toward the Four States, we sent KOAM’s Liz Holliday to see how the city of Miami, Oklahoma prepares.