Liz Holliday

Communications Specialist
Press Hits


Below is a list of select Media Hits I secured through my work with Columbia University Medical Center and Columbia University School of Nursing, beginning in January 2017:


Below is a list of Media Hits I secured through my work with College & Community Fellowship and The Education from the Inside Out Coalition between April 2016 – December 2017:

10/19/2016, El Diario NY, Excarcelados luchan por llegar a la universidad 

10/17/2016, Palm Beach Daily News, Palm Beach groups unveil speakers with topics, from current affairs to prison 

10/14/2016, Reentry Central, Prison to College Pipeline Goes National With New Program 

10/07/2016, PBS’ To The Contrary, Baby Boomers & The Election; Incarceration Women 

10/05/2016,, SUNY Won’t Judge Your Past Anymore

10/03/2016,, Marching Against New York’s Rikers 

09/29/2016, The Huffington Post, Banning, Moving, Abolishing the Box: Whatever It Takes For Educational Access For All 

09/29/2016, Inside Philanthropy, Who’s Helping the Formerly Incarcerated Lead the Fight for Criminal Justice Reform? 

09/28/2016, BayView National Black Newspaper, Former Prisoners Are Leading The Fight Against Mass Incarceration 

9/20/2016, Capital Tonight, Advocates Praise SUNY for No Longer Asking Applicants for Conviction History 

9/17/2016, The Intercept, Former Prisoners Are Leading The Fight Against Mass Incarceration 

9/15/2016, Cornell Chronicle, Iscol lecturer to challenge mass jailing in Sept. 27 talk 

9/15/2016, Business Insider, The largest public university system in the US banned a type of question from its application that could affect thousands of prospective students 

9/14/2016, The New York Times, SUNY To Stop Asking Applicants About Felony Convictions 

9/14/2016, The Atlantic, The Question Some Public Universities Will No Longer Ask 

9/14/2016, Buffalo News, SUNY to eliminate checkbox on felony convictions from student applications 

8/24/2016, PIX11, Criminal Justice and Education Communities collide for CCF Back to School Harlem Block Party 

8/16/2016, Riverdale Press: CCF Back to School Harlem Block Party 

8/16/2016, MommyPoppins: CCF Hosts Back to School Harlem Block Party 

8/16/2016,, Event Calendar: CCF’s Back to School Harlem Block Party 

8/15/2016, WCBS, New York Events: CCF’s Back to School Harlem Block Party 

08/04/2016, The Huffington Post, The State of Women in Prison

07/14/2016, Refinery29, What prison getting out of prison really need

07/08/2016, Unlocking Potential Blog, The importance of education for incarcerated women

07/05/2016,, Ban the Box, Good for criminals, bad for diversity, study shows

7/01/2016, The Huffington Post, Permanent Pell In Prison: More than Twenty Years….

6/28/2016, WHCR: Beyond Walls: Raise the age (link unavailable)

06/26/2016, The Inquisitr, President Barack Obama Helps Prisoners Obtain Pell Grants Via Controversial Pilot Program

06/24/2016, USA Today, Pell grants for prisoners: Obama to give inmates a second chance at college 

06/22/2016, Black Enterprise, This woman went from Prison to Executive Leader of a Major Organization

06/17/2016, Fusion, The Graduation You Haven’t Attended This Year

06/13/2016, The New York Times, New York Today: Solidarity With Orlando

06/10/2016, DNA Info, Formerly Incarcerated Women Celebrate Second Chances With College Degrees 

06/08/2016, Bustle Magazine, How This Nonprofit Director Gives Women With Criminal Convictions A Second Chance

06/05/2016, El Diario, Aumenta el numero de universitarios latinos 

05/19/2016,, “Abolish the Box” Campaigns Says Its Criminal Record Question on College Apps Needs to Go

05/17/2016, The Huffington Post, Why We Need To Ban The Box On College Applications

05/11/2016, University Herald, College Applicants with Criminal Records Should Be Allowed to Pursue A  Higher Education 

05/10/2016, Business Insider, The Department of Education is urging colleges to remove one type of question from their applications–and it could affect 70 million prospective students 

05/09/2016, Inside Higher Ed, Moving Past Checking the Box 

05/09/2016, Fusion, How ‘Ban the Box’ criminal justice movement is moving into American Universities

05/07/2016, The Root, One Woman’s Crusade to Ban the Box on College Applications

05/06/2016, Ithaca Journal, Ban the box for students, too

05/03/2016, The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornellians Discuss Banning The Box On College Admissions Applications

05/02/2016, Capital Tonight, ‘Banning the Box’ in Higher Education

04/29/2016, The Atlantic, ‘Ban the Box’ Goes to College

04/27/2016, WCHR, Beyond Walls: Unlocked Radio- Tutors who go into prison to help incarcerated students learn 

04/25/2016, Worcester Telegram, Formerly incarcerated women teach through theater at Quinsigamon

04/25/2016, The New York Times, Convicts and College Aid 

04/18/2016, TimesUnion, Letter: Ban criminal box on college forms

04/11/2016, Re-entry Central, In the Spotlight: The College & Community Fellowship Helps Formerly Incarcerated Women Obtain College Degrees (subscription required).

04/06/2016, The Huffington Post, Criminal records create more than financial barriers to higher education

03/30/2016, NYU Local, Unbox NYU Advocates Rally in Washington Square Park 

03/30/2016, WHCR Radio, EIO’s monthly radio program Beyond Walls appears on Unlocked Radio

03/29/2016, DNA Info, Formerly Incarcerated NYU Administrator Wants School to ‘Ban the Box’

03/10/2016, The Courier Sun, It’s Time to ‘Ban the Box’ in Higher Education

03/04/2016, WCBS 880 Radio, CCF’s Theater for Social Change to Perform at Beyond the Bars Conference at Columbia University (clip unavailable)

02/24/2016, The New York Times, For Inmates, a Step Up With College

02/24/2016, WHCR 90.3FM, Beyond Walls: College Debt, and For Profit Colleges (clip unavailable)

02/18/2016, Market Wired, Bryan Stevenson, Gloria Steinem and Anthony Mcgill to Receive 2016 John Jay Medal for Justice

02/10/2016, US Department of Education, My Brother’s Keeper: Second Chance Pell 

01/27/2016, The Washington Post, WATCH Coffee @ WaPo: Out of Jail, Into Society

01/10/2016, The Wall Street Journal, Cuomo Plans College Classes for Inmates

12/26/2015, The Post Star, Letter to the editor: Not every student can receive grant

12/22/2015, Christian Science Monitor, In Criminal Justice, Signs of a shift toward compassion

12/21/2015, The New York Times, Cuomo’s Pardon Plan for Youthful Offenders Draws Praise, Questions and Concerns 

12/21/2105, WNYW-NY (FOX 5), Vivian Nixon interview on Cuomo’s new Youthful Offender Policy

12/17/2015, The Huffington Post, Leaders With Criminal Histories Should Be Included in Reform Debate

12/15/2015, Equality Indicator, Just Change Engaging Communities to Create Change

12/06/2015, El Diario, Activistas Piden Education En Las Prisones

12/03/2015, Times Union Capitol Confidential, Coalition calls on governor to restore eligibility for inmates

11/25/2015, The New York Times, A Criminal Record and College 

11/24/2015, TruthOut, Higher Education Is a Key to Decarceration: Let’s Pass the REAL Act 

11/20/2015, New York Foundation: Big Ideas, StoryCorps Podcast series

11/07/2015, The New Orleans Advocate: New Orleanian among group successfully pushing for policy changes to benefit former prisoners

11/06/2015, Do Inmates Deserve a ‘Do Over’ After Prison? 

11/05/2015, The Washington Post: Obama, Congress push effort to ease hiring of former felons

11/03/2015, MarketWatch: ‘Ban the box’ makes former criminals more employable

11/03/2015, Refinery29: What You Don’t Know About Life After Prison

11/03/2015, The Justice: “Letters” explores incarceration of women of color 

11/03/2015, Metro: 15 years in, CCF fights to increase access to education in prisons

11/02/2015, The Guardian: Obama to announce executive action to help prisoners rejoin society

10/29/2015, Refinery29: How One Woman Made It Out Of Prison And Into College 

10/28/2015, WHCR Radio: Beyond Walls

10/26/2015, Metro: New York City has officially ‘banned the box’ for job applicants

10/24/2015, Cosmopolitan: How Piper Kerman Became a Prison Activist 

10/16/2015, Long Island Press: Do This: Long Island Concerts & Events Oct 15-21

10/11/2015, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Show, DOJ to release 6,000 federal prisoners 

10/07/2015, International Business Times, Prisoners Who Beat Harvard Debate Team Made Headlines, But Support For Prison Education Still Lagging

10/02/2015, The Philadelphia Tribune, Pope visits prison but gets ‘deserving of punishment’ wrong (op-ed written by EIO Co-Founder Vivian Nixon).

09/30/2015, Beyond Walls, EIO’s monthly WHCR radio show 

09/29/2015, BK Live, EIO appears to speak on Prison Education 

09/27/2015, EIO Co-Founder Vivian Nixon Appears on MSNBC to speak on the Pope’s visit to a PA Prison

09/23/2015, MNN, The Gilchrist Experience, EIO Community Organizer Dionna King Appears 

08/15/2015, On The Count, Vivian Nixon Appears 

08/14/2015, The Hill, Education from the Inside Out 

08/12/2015, Ed.Gov, The Promise of Pell 

08/11/2015, KCRW’s To The Point (NPR), Access to Higher Education for People in Prison 

8/05/2015, TWC’s Capital Tonight, President Obama’s plan to make inmates eligible for Pell Grants

8/5/2015, The Huffington Post, Pell Grant Myth Busters: Pell in Prisons

8/05/2015, WHCR’s Unlocked with Ricky Jones, EIO’s Dionna King interviewed on-air

8/03/2015, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, Pell Grants for Prisoners

8/02/2015, NBC News, Advocates Praise Federal Move to Restore Pell Grants for Prisoners

8/02/2015, The Guardian, Pell Grants to bring college back to prison

8/01/2015, MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Show, New Pilot Program Lets Prisoners Get Pell Grants 

7/31/2015, Time Magazine, Former Prisoners Applaud Program to Help Inmates Go To College 

7/31/2015, MarketWatch, Obama Administration offers Pell Grants to Prisoners

7/31/2015, Think Progress, Pressure Mounts For Obama to Ban The Box 

7/29/2015, CNN Money, Obama to offer Pell Grants to Prisoners 

7/28/2015, The Wall Street Journal, Pell Grants for Prisoners Gets Mixed Reviews

7/23/2015, The Adirondack Enterprise, Prison Reform Advocates Take Message North

7/22/2015, The Huffington Post, Why the President’s Prison Visit Didn’t Go Far Enough 

07/18/2015, MSNBC’s The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, EIO Co-Founder Vivian Nixon joins to speak on President Obama’s visit to a Federal Prison 

07/11/2015, MSNBC’s The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, EIO Co-Founder Vivian Nixon joins show to speak on NYC Prison Reform 

06/19/2015, The New York Observer, ‘Pop-Up Classes’ in Harlem and Brooklyn Are MakingEducation More Accessible

06/16/2015, The Washington Post, Radical Pop-Up Schools: A new way to reach educationally disadvantaged communities 

06/01/2015, The Huffington   Post, Let’s Get Real: Prison Is No Place for Elitism

05/22/2015, The Huffington Post,The True Way to Reform is      to Educate Incarcerated Students 

05/12/2015, Time Warner Cable News, State Lawmakers Renew Push for Inmates to Receive State-Funded Degrees

05/12/2015, The Troy Record, Lawmakers push to revive college aid for prison inmates 

5/12/2015, The Legislative Gazette, Advocates hope to expand access to college classes in state prisons 

5/12/2015, WYNT News, Report: In-prison college betters society 

5/12/2015, Capital Tonight, Giving Inmates Access to Education

5/10/2015, The Times Union, Restore funding and make college an option in prison