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Radio Work: Irish Schools and UK Tuition Fees

The rise of tuition fees has been a hotly debated issue in the UK since it was announced last year. With other EU nations offering cheaper options many wonder if UK students will look to places like Ireland for their educations.  Our reporter Liz Holliday went to Trafalgar Square for London’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration to investigate.

Radio Work: Irish Schools and Tuition Fees

Radio Work: Foreign newspapers removed from London libraries

Newham Libraries remove non-English newspapers from shelves. Photo by Entressen Kirjasto

One of London’s most culturally diverse boroughs has removed foreign language newspapers from its libraries. The initiative is being backed by Newham’s elected mayor, Sir Robin Wales. He says removing the papers will encourage people to speak and learn English. But members of the voices for the library team doubt removing foreign newspapers will promote the English language. Our reporter Liz Holliday has more.

Radio Work: Foreign newspapers in London libraries

Radio Work: A Deaf Generation

A new study says that one in ten listen to music up higher than a drill on a building site. The Hearing Company polled two thousands Britons about their daily music listening habits. They say more than ever young people who listen to MP3 players at a loud volume are unwittingly putting their hearing at risk. Our reporter Liz Holliday, has more:

Radio Work: A Deaf Generation